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Beautifully golden buttered toast

Place toast into toaster oven
Push the toaster button
Wait 3 to 4 minutes or desired golden color that you are looking for.
pull the toast out onto a plate.
Carefully grab your knife and gently buttet across the top of the toast.

Wait 2 to 3 minutes for butter to melt.

At this time you may enjoy your perfectly made toast.

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Gayle posted 10 months ago

Before i found recipe, I was unaware that toast couldve been soo good. This has changed my bread eating for the better. Who would've though that simple bread could be so unique.

John posted 10 months ago

I found this recipe recently and I love it. It is super elegant in flavor and is very simple to make. Thank you so much! (I was struggling to make this until I saw this recipe).

Gibbs183 posted over 1 year ago