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Goat cheese infused beef patties topped with grilled pear

Source: Some restaurant in Dallas, TX


This savory recipe is sure to spark joy with your taste buds!


1/2 lb Ground beef
1 Egg
1 slice Bread
To taste Oregano
To taste Salt
To taste Pepper
To taste Brown sugar
To taste Worcestershire sauce
To taste Ground mustard
To taste Finely chopped onion
To taste Goat cheese (can substitute any soft cheese)
1 Pear



Combine all ingredients aside from the cheese in a large bowl


Work the ingredients together until the right consistency is achieved. They should not be too wet or too dry. You can dampen the slice of bread prior to mixing to add moisture. You can add bread crumbs to absorb moisture.


Once the meat is seasoned completely, separate into two portions. Flatten it (about 1/2 inch thick), place the cheese (amount is to your discretion, we used about a golf ball sized amount) in the center and begin working the meat around it. The end result will be a patty with a layer of cheese in the center. They will shrink when on the grill so make them slightly bigger than a hamburger bun


Place the patty on the grill on medium heat.


Flip after 5-8 minutes or until golden brown.


Cook the other side for an additional 5-8 minutes


Slice the pear into at least 8 slices, and place directly on the grill. Flip once, bonus points if you get grill marks. The pear is done when soft.


Place the patty on a bed of rice, top each patty with 4 slices of pear.


This recipe pairs well with carrots, brussel sprouts, and / or broccoli. We topped our veggies with a balsamic glaze for an added touch of sweetness.

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Anthony posted about 4 years ago

Sounds delicous! I can't wait to try this.